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Onboarding Administrative Steps

What's Next?


New faculty, new benefits eligible faculty, and new teaching assistants should be added to the New Faculty and GTA/DTA Logs as positions are accepted.  The department/school administrative assistant can access the log through SharePoint.

(Note: Access has been provided to all Senior Admin and Admin III)


Use to guide administrative staff through the required steps for processing new faculty.

  • Faculty (Teacher of Record)

Faculty Onboarding | Administrative steps to hire a new faculty member (teacher of record) once position is accepted.

  • Postdoctoral Scholar

Postdoctoral Scholar Onboarding | Administrative steps to hire new postdoctoral scholars.

  • Program Faculty 

Program Faculty Onboarding | Administrative steps to hire new program faculty.

  • Rehire Onboarding

Rehire Onboarding | Administrative steps to rehire previous faculty and teaching assistants.