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Faculty Forms

Faculty and Academic Resources has compiled the following new hire forms and documents.

If you need additional assistance locating the appropriate form, please contact Faculty and Academic Resources at 512.245.2786 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contract Offer Recommendation Form:  The Contract Offer Recommendation Form is used for (1) initial employment for new faculty members who are to be appointed on an FTE basis with a monthly salary rate; and (2) when converting per course faculty to an appointment on an FTE basis.  This form is never used for graduate or doctoral students or per course faculty.

    Contracting of Temporary Faculty Form: The Contracting of Temporary Faculty Form is used for (1) initial and subsequent appointments for graduate and doctoral teaching assistants, (2) continuing contracts for all faculty who are not tenured or on tenure track even if they are in the department budget; and (3) subsequent phased retirement faculty appointments.

    Per Course Faculty Contracting Form:  The Per Course Faculty Contracting Form is used for all per course appointments, both initial and subsequent.  Per Course faculty are limited to teaching 2 classes per semester.

  • Percent faculty are required to meet classes, hold regular office hours, and participate in committee, research/service, and scholarly activities in accordance with departmental guidelines based upon the percentage of the appointment.

    Per course faculty are required to meet classes and hold regular office hours.

  • Program Faculty:  The title of Program Faculty is appropriate 1) when the faculty member is performing duties other than regular teaching duties, or 2) when an employee is hired for a specific duty and is not the teacher of record but must have faculty credentials to fill the position.  Those appointed as Program Faculty do not receive contracts because they are not teachers of record.

    Program Faculty can be appointed in paid or non-paid positions.  The department chair determines the appropriate type of appointment.  Regardless of the type of position (paid or non-paid), a current vitae and the original transcript of the highest degree conferred must be included in the hiring packet for all individuals appointed as Program Faculty.  This policy has been implemented in order for us to verify credentials and to comply with SACSCOC requirements.

    Questions regarding Program Faculty appointments should be addressed to Brendan Scott at 5-8378 or bs1123.

  • Yes.  The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges Principles of Accreditation specifically states that we must keep on file, for all teachers of record, documentation of academic preparation.  Official transcripts from all degree granting institutions are required to complete a faculty member’s hiring packet. 

  • Staff may teach one (1) regular class per each long semester on campus during normal working hours with supervisory approval as well as concurrence from the divisional vice president. Staff may not be compensated for teaching this class, unless the employee uses vacation, compensatory time or flex time to cover the teaching hours or the supervisor modifies the employee's work schedule around the hours spent teaching. In addition to the three-hour or four-hour class noted above, an exempt staff member may also teach one one-hour section of University Seminar subject to the same schedule adjustment provisions. Account manager approval and written documentation as to how work hours are to be made up must be submitted with the contracting documents and PCR.  Refer to UPPS 04.04.11 for additional information.

    Staff who teach are required to provide to the department all documents needed for a faculty hiring packet.