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Faculty Searches and Negotiations

Faculty Hiring Policies

Dean and Chair Hiring AA/PPS 04.01.04



Faculty compensation is driven by several factors that include discipline, rank, experience, and market conditions. The university initially pegs faculty salaries for new hires to discipline-specific national medial salary points by rank using data obtained through the College and Personnel Association (CUPA) Faculty Salary Study. Hiring salaries are negotiated from these starting points depending on qualifications, internal alignment, supply and demand, and other factors. Deans and chairs/directors are encouraged to review the following guidelines during the salary negotiation process.

CUPA: Faculty Compensation (log in required)

Guidelines: Faculty Compensation and Faculty Hiring


Dual Career Program

Texas State University aims to attract and hire the most qualified faculty from anywhere in the world. We recognize and appreciate that many faculty have a working spouse or partner that may also be seeking employment at Texas State. To that end, Texas State maintains the following guidelines on strategic opportunity hires.

Guidelines: Dual Career Guidelines


Moving Allowance

Academic units may provide support for moving allowances for new full-time faculty members in tenure-track, clinical, and faculty of practice positions at the rank of assistant/associate/professor. This support is based on an assessment of moving distance and household size. The maximum moving allowance is one-tenth of the faculty member’s salary or $15,000, whichever is greater. Payments to an employee for moving allowances are treated as W-2 taxable earnings.

University Policy: Moving Allowance UPPS 03.01.22


Research Start-Up Funds

Research start-up funds are committed to faculty members at the point of hiring in order to build, develop, and enhance research programs that are important to the ongoing mission of Texas State University. These funds represent a clear investment in the research and professional careers of faculty. For any questions, please contact Dr. Mike Blanda or Nick Schellman from the Division of Research.

University Policy: Start-Up Funds AA/PPS 03.01.10

Start-Up Requests Template: Excel Spreadsheet


City of San Marcos Homebuyer Incentive Program

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the City of San Marcos has relocated resources to meet the need of the community. As a result, the Homebuyers Incentive Program has been suspended until further notice.