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Personnel Requests

Personnel Requests

Steps for Requesting to Post, Reclassify, Hire, and Take Personnel Actions 

Division of Academic Affairs 

Due to the centralized budget model, the Office of the Provost and Faculty and Academic Resources (FAR) authorizes all faculty and staff position/personnel requests in the division of Academic Affairs. Account managers and supervisors are responsible for assessing the budgetary and operational impact of all personnel requests made using the following process. This assessment includes both short-term and long-term effects on essential operations and budget commitments, as well as staffing demands due to enrollment trends, pedagogy, accreditation, and related factors. All requests are vetted by deans/AVPs and budget specialists before submission.

For questions, please contact the Academic Budget Team at Academic Affairs Budget

Personnel Request Process

The Personnel Request Process applies to following actions irrespective of funding source: 

  • Hiring/replacement of tenure-line faculty
  • Hiring/replacement of non-tenure line faculty including promotion-eligible titles (clinical, practice, instruction, and research), lecturers/senior lecturers, program faculty, visiting, postdoctoral scholars, and visiting faculty. 
  • New tenure-line and non-tenure line faculty positions
  • Hiring/replacement of staff
  • Staff promotion and transfer
  • Job Reclassifications
  • Temporary and permanent salary adjustments 
  • New staff positions

Step 1.  Complete the Staff Position Funding Authorization Form or the Faculty Position Funding Authorization Form through Dynamic Forms. You will need to provide the following information. Please follow up with your academic budget specialist if you have trouble completing this form.  

  1. Type of personnel request (replacement hire, reclassification, promotion and transfer, new position, etc.)
  2. Justification for the request (job summary/market report is the basis for non-competitive promotions or salary adjustments.)
  3. Position title
  4. Position number
  5. Funding source(s) for the position
  6. Available salary budget 
  7. Proposed salary or salary range (refer to CUPA median for discipline on faculty positions)
  8. Attach other information pertinent to the request or supporting documentation.

Step 2.  Once submitted, the form will route to your college or administrative unit leadership for approval before routing to the Provost’s Office for review and approval. This includes the academic chair or director and college dean or administrative unit AVP. 

Step 3. The Academic Budget Team will work with the requestor directly if there are any questions, errors to address, or modifications to be made to the form before routing for Provost’s Office approval. 

Step 4.  The reviewed position funding authorization form will route to the Senior Vice Provost, and Provost and EVPAA for approval. Once completed, a notification email will be sent to the requestor. Chief Financial Officer approval is required for personnel actions, that result in a permanent increase of 10% or higher to an incumbent’s salary.

Step 5.  A copy of the approved authorization form must be uploaded by the department in PeopleAdmin for all personnel actions requiring a requisition, i.e., job postings, reclassifications, or promotions and transfers. PeopleAdmin requisitions missing a current, approved authorization form will be returned to the hiring manager for correction. 

Step 6.  For salary adjustment actions taken via PCR, a copy of the approved authorization form must be attached to the PCR by the department. 

Step 7.  Authorization forms are maintained by the requesting unit and archived in the Faculty and Academic Resources Dynamic Forms repository.  

Exceptions to Personnel Request Process

Temporary Lecturers and Graduate Students: Faculty and graduate students funded by the Provost’s Office through temporary funding to address additional instructional needs are requested through the temporary funding log on SharePoint. Please contact your academic budget specialist regarding any temporary instructional or graduate assistance needs. 

Summer Faculty and Graduate Student Appointments: Like the temporary funding request process, summer faculty and graduate student appointments are requested through the summer funding process managed on SharePoint. Please follow up with your academic budget specialist for more information. 

Hourly Student Workers: Units may hire hourly student workers based on departmental need and available M&O budget. Procedures for hiring hourly student employees are provided in UPPS 07.07.03. Student employee positions are required to be posted in Handshake. Please refer to the On-Campus Student Employment page maintained by Career Services for more details. 

Non-student, non-regular (NSNR) staff: Units may hire hourly staff based on departmental need and available M&O budget. Steps to hiring hourly staff employees can be found here

Temporary Workers through Staffing Service Provider: Units may hire temporary workers through a third-party service provider based on departmental need and available M&O. Prior to using a temporary worker from a staffing service provider, the hiring manager must determine the best option for managing the unit’s demands and whether using a temporary worker from a staffing service provider is most effective. Procedures for hiring temporary workers are laid out in UPPS No. 04.04.22